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  Copper tungsten & Silver tungsten

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Copper tungsten (Cu-W) and silver tungsten (Ag-W) are the electrode materials for discharging. These materials are used when the clean surface and contour are required at the final grinding phase. These materials are widely used by ultra-low discharging product manufacturers, as these materials can maintain stable discharging and allows fast processing, and consume small electrode and electrode formation is excellent.

In particular, demand on silver tungsten (50% Ag and 50% W) increases as an alternative product to Ag-Cdo contact point, due to European environmental regulation.


Dimension that can be produced
1. Ø3 ~ Ø30 x 100mm

2. 3T ~ 30T x 100mm x 100mm

=> Please contact us before placing an order for the product with optimal dimension.


Performance of electric materials is as follows.
① Maintains stable discharging, and allows fast processing.

② Consumes small electrode.

③ Electrode formation and processing are excellent.

④ Non-polluting material.


  Youngjin Metal manufactures the customized product with various molds, to cope with customer’s requirements.